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This is the average Australian woman Our model Melanie, 33, weighs 70 kilos. Is she overweight?

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We ask the public and an expert. Nicola Conville June 17, pm Our model Melanie, 33, weighs 70 kilos. Do you think this woman is overweight?

That's the question we took to the streets to answer. Carrying a large poster of our model, Melanie, we asked people for their opinion — and the verdicts surprised us.

There's no denying it: Australians are getting bigger with every passing year.

Inthe average Australian woman weighed 67 kilograms, and latest figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show she is now tipping the scales at The average Australian man is larger too — he now weighs Our model, Melanie, 33, represents the average Australian woman fat girls australia 90 height and weight. If this is what the average woman looks like, what does this Roofer near Jersey City needs a bj for the future in terms of our health?

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A BMI of between 25 and The Fuck women in Blanchard Idaho trend in our weight is extremely worrying for our health as a nation, Hazelwood adds. Obesity is also linked to cancer, depression and kidney disease.

Excess weight around the abdomen is a risk factor for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Cause and effect The obvious reasons for weight gain include too much junk food and a sedentary lifestyle.

However, Hazelwood points to another surprising reason: we are unhappy. We're not doing ourselves any favours. Hazelwood recommends seeing a GP to ensure there are no other health issues, then starting small.

Aim for five kilos in five months. Even that will reduce a lot of risk factors. I actually thought it would be taller and larger than I am.

I know Fat girls australia 90 should eat more fresh fruit and vegies but I get lazy with cooking and often want something quick and easy like pasta or a bowl of cereal. I put on extra weight every now and then but it never gets too out of control. I always manage to stay in the same weight range.

I've probably put on about five kilos since my 20s. That's something to work on.